We are a Stockholm-based family run design studio founded by Carolina Krupinska and Linus Kjellqvist. Our shelves have been selected as Talent to both Formex Swedish Design 2018 and at the Ambiente Messe Frankfurt 2019 – The global leading interior design arena.

The shelf originated from an interest in industrial materials that are not frequently used in private homes today. How can one create something soft and beautiful out of something that raw? The result shows how perforated sheet metal can be transformed and interwoven into something sensual and beautiful. The shelves are perceived as lightweight, and they add more than just functionality since the content lifts the design. They help set a mood.

The shelves can be mounted both horizontally and vertically and can be both used in private and public spaces as bedside shelves, in the hallway or in the bathroom. We are proud and excited to share this new usage of material and this versatile shelf.


We have been featured in the Swedish Design and Architecture magazine RUM, Elle Decoration Germany, RUM Hemma, Casa Vogue Brazil and Östermalms Saluhalls magasin amongst others.